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  1. On static pages and replacing the tenders.exposed website

    A bit of background would be needed first. There's an Ember app (namely Elvis), running entirely in the client. We have some static pages that have to be easy to manage for non-Ember devs. We also have a Wordpress instance we'd like to remove, because it adds complexity and yet…

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  2. Sketchup 2016 via wine and PlayOnLinux

    I've never done this kind of guide before, but here's a start. Below, a step by step guide on how to install SketchUp 2016 using PlayOnLinux. Some key points: Windows version must be configured in Wine to W7. SketchUp 2017 does not work. Don't try it, you'll waste your time.…

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  3. Facebook trying to block 3rd party XMPP clients?

    Hello internet, long time no see write. UPDATE: It seems everything works just fine now, but as I said, I’ll keep an eye on this. It could’ve been a temporary bug, but it also could’ve been a serious limitation for the users. Too bad I can’t…

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