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  1. On static pages and replacing the tenders.exposed website

    A bit of background would be needed first. There's an Ember app (namely Elvis), running entirely in the client. We have some static pages that have to be easy to manage for non-Ember devs. We also have a Wordpress instance we'd like to remove, because it adds complexity and yet…

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  2. Courier to Dovecot migration

    Obvious context: a few days ago I had to migrate an email account from Courier to Dovecot. The two systems: System 1 (source) Admin panel: i-MSCP MTA: Courier OS: Debian 6.x System 2 (destination) Admin panel: ZPanel (I forgot the version) Dovecot OS: Ubuntu 12.…

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  3. Gzip multicore?

    Gzip is one of the most commonly used archiving standards, yet I've always been annoyed by the usual implementations' treatment for multiple cores environments. For example, if I'd want to create a folder.tar.gz I'd use something like: tar -cvf -9 /media/storage/home.tar.gz /home/victor/ But…

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